Blue Line Coral is all in on supporting and your aquarium needs. Whether this means  an occasional check in, vacation coverage, or regular service Blue Line is here to meet your needs.

Are you looking to install a new aquarium? Whether you're a seasoned veteran that knows what they want, or you're beginning you first aquarium we're here to help. Years of experience allow us to cut through the minutiea and deliver the correct aquarium so you can fulfill your desires and accomplish your goals. Need an extra large or custom aquarium for a dream build? We work with a number of manufacturers and can help you execute your vision. 

Every aquarium has a life span. For that reason it's important to understand where you are in your aquarium experience. Blue Line Coral understands this and can tailer service to ensure you're getting the utmost enjoyment out of your aquarium. 

Blue Line Coral's pragmatic approach to service is rooted in experience, consistency and competency. So, whether it's a periodic check-in or a regularly scheduled appointment Blue Line Coral can help you achieve your goals and get your aquarium to the next level. 



For more information regarding maintenance or installations please call us at 630-857-9166 or fill out the form below and we'll follow up.